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Rooms with a view in the heart of Edinburgh

Edinburgh 2018 Edinburgh 2018 Edinburgh 2018 Edinburgh 2018 Edinburgh 2018

Students from F13SW and B13TW discovered two new highlights on this year’s tour to Scotland. Staying at a hotel in the very heart of Edinburgh, we enjoyed a wonderful view of Edinburgh Castle and the Scott Monument each morning while we were having full English breakfast with bacon and eggs. On our trip to Loch Lomond we stopped at the picturesque little village Luss where we had lunch and admired rainbows before we went on to visit the whisky distillery Glengoyne. We also visited the Scottish parliament, discovered Edinburgh Castle and went hiking on Arthur’s Seat. All in all, we had a great time and enjoyed sunny days during our visit to Scotland.

Where the craic is mighty…

Die Chamer Schüler Fischmarkt Die Chamer Schüler Die Chamer Schüler

Nicht weniger als 40 Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klassen F 13S, F 13SW und B 13TW besuchten heuer auf ihrer Abschlussfahrt die irische Hauptstadt Dublin. Highlights der Reise waren eine Führung zum Book of Kells durch das berühmte Trinity College, der Besuch in der weltberühmten Brauerei, dem Guinness Storehouse, und natürlich der Ausflug auf die Halbinsel Howth, wo wir bei strahlendem Sonnenschein die Klippen entlangwanderten, nachdem uns der Besitzer von Howth Castle höchstpersönlich durch sein Schloss geführt hatte.

Austausch mit den USA wichtiger denn je

Dr. Hopp Wahlplakate Wahlplakate Schüler betrachten ein Wahlplakat Anschaulich erzählt Dr. Hopp vom Wahlkampf Die Schüler lauschen gespannt dem Vortrag

Seit Donald Trumps Wahlsieg in den USA, den viele nicht für möglich gehalten hatten, schaut die Welt gespannt auf die politischen Entwicklungen in dem Land, das von jeher eine große Faszination gerade auf junge Leute ausübt. So wecken die aktuellen Geschehnisse freilich auch das Interesse der Schülerinnen und Schüler der Beruflichen Oberschule Cham, die sich Ende März über die tolle Gelegenheit freuen durften, mit Dr. Gerhard Hopp, MdL, einen fachlich kompetenten aber auch rhetorisch gewandten Ansprechpartner zum Themenschwerpunkt „Die politische Situation in den USA“ für einen Vormittag im Haus zu haben. Anschaulich informierte Dr. Gerhard Hopp zunächst über das Wahlsystem in den USA, wobei besonders die Schilderungen der persönlichen Eindrücke vom Wahlkampf, die der Politiker während seiner USA-Reise zur Zeit der Wahlen sammeln konnte, beeindruckten. Interessiert begutachteten die jungen Leute die Plakate, die der Referent aus den USA mitgebracht hatte, und beteiligten sich rege mit Fragen, als Dr. Hopp anschließend die aktuelle politische Situation in den USA erläuterte. Abschließend betonte er, dass gerade jetzt ein Austausch mit den USA wichtiger sei als je zuvor und ermutigte die jungen Erwachsenen, sich am politischen Diskurs auch hierzulande zu beteiligen.

I, Daniel Blake


According to recent studies, young people today are able to understand English films without any severe difficulties. Knowing this, the English teachers of FOSBOS Cham took the chance and visited the movie theatre Cham with their classes to watch the film I, Daniel Blake on screen and in English. Despite of some of the students having second thoughts, everybody was able to follow the plot, which is about a 59-year-old carpenter who is recovering from a heart attack and befriends a single mum and her two kids as they navigate their way through the kafkaesque impersonal benefits system. Ken Loach, who won his second Palme d’Or at Cannes for this timely drama about an aged, ailing handyman’s battle to survive after being denied his government health allowance, tells the story with equal amounts of humour, warmth and despair and so we had a perfect and genuine movie experience.

A Vampire sucking the lifeblood from our planet


For their new play DRACULA AND THE ECO WARRIOR the American Drama Group updated the classical Dracula myth to tackle global warming and environmental politics. The students from our school who attended the play in early December in Neutraubling were impressed by the powerful performance as the rather complex plot unfolded asking questions about Climate Change and how humans damage the natural environment of this planet earth. They were well prepared as they had looked at the topic environment closely the previous year and in the end the students were both - thoughtful because of the play’s meaningful ending and proud of their proficiency in the English language.

Highland Cows, Whisky and Winterfell …

Schüler mit der Statue Molly Malone Long Room der Old Library Howth Howth

… were waiting for class F13SW on their trip to Edinburgh this March. The students enjoyed sunny days in Scotland visiting old castles such as Edinburgh Castle or Doune Castle, which became famous as a setting for the series Game of Thrones. The Whisky Distillery Glengoyne, the Scottish parliament and a trip to Loch Lochmond were also highlights during our visit to the Northern part of Great Britain. All in all, Edinburgh was the perfect destination to enjoy life and to speak English to the locals before going home and taking our A-levels.

“Marley was dead: to begin with.”

Picture: © www.adg-europe.com

A Christmas Carol performed by The American Drama Group Europe.
An excursion of forms B12Ta and F13SW to Amberg.
“Marley was dead: to begin with.” Time of probation was just over for our students and all of us had survived: to begin with. So at last it was time for contemplation and spiritual elevation before Christmas and we got on a bus to Amberg where The American Drama Group Europe directed by Paul Stebbings performed A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Our concerns that the 19th century English language might hinder our comprehension of the play proved to be unnecessary: the well-known plot, the simple and beautiful stage design – often using the actors as living stage props – and the fitting characters led us through the play without any problems. We enjoyed the live music with accordion, violin and part-songs and the humour of the play conveyed by the actors. We also felt empathy with the poor Tiny Tim and joy at Scrooge’s transformation into a better human being. All in all the excursion to the theatre was a great way of bringing us into the right mood for Christmas – and we should not forget to mention Florian who splendidly entertained us with his guitar on the journey to Amberg and back home. So let me end with another quotation from A Christmas Carol observing the spirit of Christmas as it gets so often lost in the hassle of the last school days of the year: “And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!”

Dublin’s fair city …

Schüler mit der Statue Molly Malone Long Room der Old Library Howth

… war heuer das Ziel der Abschlussfahrt der Klassen F13SW und B13TW. Zentraler Ausgangspunkt der Erkundungen war ein Hostel mitten im Herzen der Altstadt nahe der Ha’penny Bridge, einem Dubliner Wahrzeichen. Überquert man jene Brücke, gelangt man direkt in den Bezirk Temple Bar, der berühmt ist für seine hübschen Gassen und zahlreichen Pubs. Wir erkundeten das 1592 gegründete Trinity College, in dessen beeindruckender Bibliothek das Book of Kells, eine sehr alte Handschrift, bestaunt werden konnte und besuchten eine exzellente Inszenierung von Shakespeares Midsummernight’s Dream. Auch der weltberühmte Guinness Brauerei statteten wir einen Besuch ab. Am Samstag machten wir uns schon morgens auf in die Bucht von Dublin und bestaunten im malerischen Küstenort Howth das üppige Angebot in den Fischgeschäften. Hungrig von einer schönen aber anstrengenden Wanderung entlang der Klippen ließen wir uns besagten Fisch zurück in Dublin Stadt in einem berühmten Fish & Chips Restaurant schmecken, das vom Fischmarkt in Howth beliefert wird.

‘The Wave‘ at the Velodrom in Regensburg

B11W vor derm Velodrom in Regensburg

Why did the Nazis in Germany have so many followers? How could all those people later pretend they hadn’t known anything? These are old questions, but still we cannot answer them. Neither can Ben Ross, history teacher within the play “The Wave” (which is based on the famous novel of the same name by Morton Rhue) and so he starts a little – and increasingly frightening – experiment on manipulation and the human psyche… On Monday, the 24th of March we – 12 students of Bos11W – took our seats in the ‘Velodrom’ in Regensburg to watch the play performed by the American Drama Group Europe. It was remarkable that the cast of the show consisted of only five people. Despite their small number, they were able to present the whole story in a fascinating way. They even performed some a cappella singing! What else did we find out?
• It doesn’t take a lot of stage design and props to bring a play to life – just some boxes.
• Yes, we DID understand (most of) the English language – they did not speak too fast.
• There is not always a dress code in theaters – although some spectators looked really smart!
• Going to the theatre can be fun – (going to Kneitinger too).
• Fun doesn’t have to be dumb – it can make you think.
• You don’t have to sit still all the time – you can get involved in the play.
• Don’t mess with the human brain – you don’t know where it’s leading to.
One question remained unanswered, though: Is it true? Is that the way that fascism works? Well, we’d better not find out.

A Day at the Movies: The Monuments Men

“... it's about culture, these monuments and about the fabric of the culture, our history and mankind's way of recording history.”
Am 28.02.2014 erwartete neun Klassen der Beruflichen Oberschule Cham ein Kinobesuch der besonderen Art. Sie hatten die Gelegenheit, den aktuellen Kinofilm The Monuments Men in der Originalversion, also auf Englisch, anzusehen. Trotz anfänglicher Bedenken mancher Schüler konnten doch alle der Handlung folgen und so kann diese Premiere als absolut gelungen bezeichnet werden. In Zukunft wird sich daher die Fachschaft Englisch mit den Deutsch-Kollegen bei der Organisation des Kinotages abwechseln.


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